Our “Secret Sauce” REAL TIME (Special Bonus)

Investing in multifamily apartments.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve touched on the key ingredients of the “Secret Sauce” we use here at the Barriskill Investment Group to bring multifamily apartment properties to the table for the benefit of our private investor community.

Today, we’re going off-script so we can share with you how the Secret Sauce works in REAL TIME.

Last month, we learned that an exceptional multifamily apartment property that had just gone up for sale. Located in a market that we know quite well, we caught a plane and were on the ground walking the property the next day with our local support team. Liking what we saw and learned, we submitted an offer two days later.

We found out that we were one of 20 offers made on the property. (Wow!) We then learned that we were in second place! (Wow, again!!) Our offer and supporting material combined to beat out 18 others to be in a backup position to someone who submitted an all cash offer. With a little prayer first, we acknowledge our position and assured the Seller that we would be ready to step in should the opportunity present itself.

. . . and it did !

On Tuesday, this past week, we received the call looking to see if we would indeed – step in.

We affirmed our desire to do so and our respective teams went to work drawing up of the purchase contract and lining up the commercial loan. We also let our private community of investors know this investment opportunity would be coming their way shortly.

The contract has been signed, loan secured, and investment opportunity packages have been sent to the members of our private investor community who expressed a desire to participate in the project.

With a 30-day close requirement, the well-defined components of our “Secret Sauce” will enable us to purchase this multifamily apartment property in an orderly and prompt manner. This is an example of why the Barriskill Investment Group is able to do things that other can’t, won’t or don’t know how to do! We specialize in offering carefully selected multifamily apartment properties as investment opportunities to members of our private investor community so each investor can better achieve a financially stress-free retirement.

Call or email us so we can show how you might do the same.

Next week, we will resume introducing you to the fundamental components of our “Secret Sauce”.

Our kind regards,

The Barriskill Investment Group