Our Secret Sauce – Part 1

Investing in Multifamily Apartments.

Every company has their own “Secret Sauce” that proves their ability to succeed which in turn, sets them apart from their competition.
Those who do it right and do it well – succeed.

Others don’t.

At the Barriskill Investment Group, our success foundation, our Secret Sauce, is based on experience, integrity, team-work, transparency, proactive investor relations, attention to detail and a willingness to do what others can’t, won’t or don’t know how to do.

We thought we’d “pull the covers back” a bit and share with you how we use (and balance) the various key ingredients of our Secret Sauce to help ensure the consistently predictable long-term success of our multifamily apartment property projects.

Step 1 follows.

Evaluating Candidate Properties
We network with a team of commercial real estate brokers. They match up multifamily apartment properties that are for sale, or will soon be, with our specifications outlining what we are interested in evaluating.

Being a very deliberate process, it often requires patience as we can at times, work through 10 – 15 properties before proceeding with just one we think fits our specific business model. We’ll look at each property’s numbers. This includes understanding the property’s overall rental income, expenses, net operating income and current financing/debt service. We also project the anticipated cash flow our investors could receive if we were to purchase that property. And we find out about the property’s neighborhood. Where is it in relation to shopping, parks & recreation, schools and major highways? Who are the key employers and health care providers and related services, etc.? How do these match up with our selection model?

This type of analysis can take 2 – 3 weeks, at times – more.

Next week, we will introduce you to Step 2: Detail Diving & Making an Offer.

Our commitment is to ensure the multifamily apartment properties we bring to the table meet or exceed our performance expectations. We do this so our community of private investors can receive consistently predictable returns on their investment(s).

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